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advergaming and mobile advertising

There has been need to have a different cereal than the usual wheat one and hence the introduction of the new chocolate cereals is needed, and the introduction is done through a medium that is liked by children: videogames.
The traditional advertising includes the use of television, posters and billboards and children of nowadays do not bother checking out such mediums. All they are interested in is the video games and especially those that are online. Advertising the product online in a videogame is the best way to attract the market for the chocolate cereals whose target is mostly children.
The company used Multi-Link Trunking (MLT) technology to help it access several links and servers in order to ensure that as many people as possible get the advertisement through the video game. Permission is not an issue but facilitation to the right channels is necessary when using the internet.
Many people got to enjoy this product more since it was introduced to them through a medium they love. Sales of the Choco Krispis should therefore have gone very high due to the fact that the cereal box was fashioned to be used as the joystick in this advergaming.
Taco Bell has launched yet another food product beefy nacho burrito and is still using the mobile phone to advertise it. The advert is running through smart iPhones and hence many people with the iPhone have access to the advert through the applications. These adverts have made many people aware of the product and are buying it to try it out (Hasen, 2012).
There is need to have advertisements that will reach majority of the target group without the company struggling with the logistics of production of posters of billboards to attract attention of the presence of a new product. Taco Bell has therefore addressed the need for an easy to see advert that reaches majority of the target group with minimal effort.
Many people are ...
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The advergame on the cereal has four different games whose play duration enables an individual to be exposed to the brand. The advergame which has…
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