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Running Head: Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Marketing Strategies As the human populace has entered into the epoch of twenty first century, the indefinite advancements and progressions has given escalation to utter competition in the world of commerce on top.


Here, the marketing personnel of any organisation comes in the picture as a foreground and is the backbone of the business. The way the organisation market its products and services makes a direct impact on to the firm, its suppliers, its customers and all others that come under affection by the firm’s choices. In addition, marketing is another way of building and sustaining enduring relationships between buyers, sellers, and other parties. Creating, communicating, delivering, and exchange offers are few of the courses of actions involved in the process of marketing. Nevertheless, customer has always been the vital and salient entity for the business; therefore, customer value is the prime objective of marketing any product or service. Through marketing, the organisations make sure that the customers get value from the products or services that they are buying so that they can create brand loyalty for their products or services (Mercer, pp. 11-18, 1996). The effective marketing concepts make visible the vision of the marketers that they focus on letting people be acquainted with their products and services and win over them to buy or use it on frequent or recurring basis. ...
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