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Running Head: Types of Organizations Types of Organizations [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Types of Organizations Innovation is the most fundamental human instinct of all. It reveals itself behind every single milestone in the realm of science, art, society, religion and all other universal phenomena.


Although the world and its intelligent inhabitants have progressed greatly in these years, the importance and magnitude of innovation has been a constant factor. Even in this highly compact, globalized, industrialized culture, we need a constant burst of innovation to keep the society from going back into ultimate regression. A society that does not move forward goes backward. The reason is the constant competition, which is peculiar to the capitalist world economy. Societies, which cease to innovate, lag behind than those who keep changing for the better. Thus, in totality, they regress (Knights, 2003). Familiar with the importance of innovation in modern times, it is important to emphasize the central role it plays in the organizational settings. All sorts of organizations across the world need to keep their pace with the ever-expanding world economy. With more and more people joining the competition and striving for an upward financial mobility, the instinct to bring out something new and unique than others is of paramount importance. Companies that cannot stand out from their competitors do not survive. ...
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