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Rohtak Customer Name Marketing 05th December 2011 Barco Projection Systems Introduction Barco Projection Systems had created a niche for itself by developing video projection system for industrial applications. The products were designed and manufactured mainly targeted for industrial use.


The BPS division entered into other market segments like data and graphic providing variety of choices to the companies with varying scan rate from the receiver. It is important to note that all the products i.e. three lines of products were built around 7” tube. BPS line of products, however, differentiated from other products on this basis of its performance, which was mainly measured across scan rate. The product line strategy BPS was to continuously develop its product range by research and development which resulted in other products with varied scan rate and price structure. It is however important to reiterate that every product which came out from the BPS division was superior version to the earlier product in terms of visibility, quality, clarity and scan rate. The strategy of Barco Projection Systems is further clarified by Frans Claerbout, General Manager, who remarked that “BPS product line was driven by three forces like the constant search of the best possible image, flexibility towards input and increasing user friendliness”. The strategy is evident from the exhibit given below which shows that since developing a video projection system in 1982, the company has continuously managed to develop its line of product through market creation and segmentation, improving the quality and performance along with cost price. ...
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