Explain why the packaging and labelling of products are important aspects of the Marketing Mix. (see full quesation attch on fol

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PACAKGING AND LABELLING: IMPORTANT ASPECT OF MARKETING MIX By <Name of student> <Name of Professor> <Course number and title> <Name of university> <Date of submission> Contents Contents 2 INTRODUCTION: 3 PACKAGING AND ITS IMPORTANCE: 4 WHY PACKAGING? 6 LABELLING: 8 CONCLUSION: 9 INTRODUCTION: The term marketing is a very vast and diversified notion.


Thus, marketing in its broad aspect can be termed as a process through which individuals or organizations create value for customers and gain what they want, that is profitability and long term relations from customers in exchange of the value they provide. Traditionally marketing mix was only comprised of four P’s, namely product, price, promotion and place. But in recent times there has been an addition in the P’s of the marketing mix such as people, packaging, positioning etc. There is immense competition in every field of work, and thus the concept of marketing had taken its toll. The factors that have an effect on the success of a product or services revolve around a lot of factors such as the booming technology, telecommunication, speedy globalization, ethics and corporate social responsibility (Brassington & Pettitt, 2006). When these are all combined with the marketing mix, helps in developing something that delivers value to the customer, and the finally the organization or company reaps the reward in terms of profitability, customer loyalty and customer equity (Dibb, Simkin, Pride, & Ferrell, 2005). ...
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