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Introduction Today is the era of smart phones. For the first time in the Western European market, smart phone sales exceeded the sales of simple feature phones. Smart phone sales accounted for 52% of the sales of the total mobile phone markets in the region.


In the UK, 28% of consumers own a smartphone and by 2015 iPhones will make up 11% of all total devices used in the UK.” (Mintel, 2010) The trend in sales has proved that customers are now looking at mobile phone as a device beyond a small instrument that helps to make phone calls. In fact, making calls have become just small of the many functions of mobile phones. Mobile phones are now a total communication and mobility solution. This trend in the industry was driven by the smart phone of iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and other players. This report will discuss the macro and micro environmental changes in the industry and its impacts on the marketing activities of smart phone companies. The report will be discussed with particular reference to Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry. Mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing and fastest changing industries in the world. The products become outdated very quickly than in any other domain. Innovation in products, services and marketing activities are most common in the industry. Smart phones are the power houses of mobile phone market. Globally, “Feature phones still represent the majority of mobile phone shipments, even though they are under increasing pressure from smartphones.” (Wauters, 2011) IPhone and Blackberry are among the leading smart phone makers of the world though Blackberry’s market share is slowly being taken over by Samsung. ...
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