E-marketing in UK Private Hospitals

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E-marketing in UK Private Hospitals Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0.Introduction 3 1.1.Background of the Study 3 1.2.Problem Statement 5 1.3.Research Aim 5 1.4.Research Question and Hypotheses 6 1.5.Research Objectives 7 2.0. Literature Review 7 2.1.


Introduction In present days, internet has become one of the major trends in business and is being used widely in several sectors. Internet not only offers free exchange of information, but is also emerging as one of the dominant networks for business marketing. In the current era, internet facilities are observed to deliver various new opportunities for businesses, especially in terms of marketing communication. The online consumers can enjoy ranges of products or services in more reasonable prices and in more convenient manner. Today, E-marketing gives consumers an opportunity to gather information and choose the right product or services at the right time. Therefore, several new entrepreneurs as well as existing small and medium size enterprises are nowadays exploring the e-marketing services in order to improve their business operations and discover the new business opportunities. In service sector such as health care industry, financial establishments, hospitality and tourism industry are now using the e-marking extensively (Yang & et. al., 2002). This research will aim on providing an insight about application of e-marketing in the healthcare sector of UK. 1.1. Background of the Study The use of internet for collecting information has already become much significant in healthcare sector and will probably become more vital in upcoming days. ...
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