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A New Foreign Owner of Liverpool Football Club About How the Club's Fans Might Be Segmented - Coursework Example

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A New Foreign Owner of Liverpool Football Club About How the Club's Fans Might Be Segmented

The owner also plans to find out the appropriate ways of reaching out to their segmented and targeted fans. The present economic crises, the heavy debt of the club and the growing expenses have called for the need of steady revenue generation which could only be attained with the help and support of the loyal fans of the club. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Brief Background of the Issues 5 Analysis of the Issues 6 Conclusion and Recommendations 9 Summary 10 References 11 Bibliography 13 Introduction The Liverpool Football Club was acquired by John W. Henry in the year 2010 and he is now the present owner of the club. The present owner has been planning to categorize the fans of the club in terms of marketing segmentation. Along with the segmentation, the owner is also planning to look and develop strategies that would help the club to reach those segmented fans. Targeting the fans was important so as to boost the sales of the club which was considered important for meeting up the expenses of the club as well the dues. The club was already under a heavy debt and its increasing expenses in terms of holding on and maintaining the players and also the alterations in the codes of tax have compelled the owners to seek for ways so as to augment the revenues. The club has a stadium which is situated in Liverpool itself and is also pursuing the construction of an additional one (This Is Anfield, 2011). ...
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A New Foreign Owner of Liverpool Football Club about How the Club’s Fans Might Be Segmented, In Marketing Terms, And How They Might Best Be ‘Reached’ Abstract The study focuses on the problems or the issues that are presently faced by the new owner of Liverpool Football Club, Mr…
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