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Viejas Outlets Viejas Outlets is a store that houses many of America’s famous brands. From apparel to accessories to footwear to home ware, they have a vast range of brands that the consumers absolutely love. What separates them from other stores though, is the number of other fun activities they have for their customers such as bowling, video games, ice skating, mini golf, a casino, a host of delicious food brands and a lot more!


Some of the stores were not up to the mark for such a store and didn’t match up to the decor of the place 3. There wasn’t as much value for money in the outlet However, people did seem to enjoy all the activities at the outlet such as bowling, the casino, the video game section and so on. They also seemed to really appreciate the customer service at the outlet. So, all hope isn’t lost for Viejas Outlet. (yelp.com) Since the quality of products from the various stores in the outlet is really not something that the outlet can control, it makes more sense for the outlet to concentrate on flocking people to their stores by building up on their strength: the entertainment, and then giving people incentive to purchase from their stores. Once people have a good time and get incentive to purchase, they will. Following is a promotion strategy that will bring people to the store and help improve sales. A promotion strategy is the communication strategy of an agency defined, along with the tools that are to be used to spread the word. (Obringer) The Ultimate Gaming Champion This is a contest in which consumers will be invited to the outlet and can register to participate and be crowned the “Ultimate Gaming Champion”. ...
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