Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course (1, 12, 2011) Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Introduction An integrated marketing communication plan has been prepared for Ann’s Pantry which is a family run cafe and a restaurant located in the village of Moelfre.


Besides food, gift items are also sold by the business to the customers for their special occasions. It is essential for every business to market their products in order to boost sales. Marketing is vital for creating customer awareness and to pull the customers towards the commodity (Armstrong & Kotler 2005, pp.10). Strategies and Tactics Market Segmentation The primary target audiences of Ann’s Pantry are the families who belong to the elite class who can visit the place for recreational purposes and for celebrations such as private parties. The secondary target audience of Ann’s Pantry is the youth who belong to the upper class and those who can spend money on parties. The youth love to party and especially at places which have good scenic beauty and attractions. The main attractions of Moelfre need to be communicated to the people to increase demand. These include coastal footpath, Royal Charter and Moelfre lifeboat which the people can enjoy (Kashani, 1999, pp. 10). Characteristics The characteristics of the audience are that they belong to elite class, they live a lavish lifestyle and they like to try new things. These people love to enjoy during their spare time for which they are also willing to spend heavy amounts. ...
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