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Space and place presence for an organization Name: Institution Space and place presence for an organization Introduction Space or digital presence is a form of marketing, which involves using a media that cannot be touched, and therefore, is not physically in existence.


It analyzes the marketing implications for reaching market segments using both mediums. In addition, the paper will seek to establish how customers can move effortlessly from one medium to the other, and whether all marketing segments enjoy shopping at both mediums or should specific market segments use one medium exclusively. It will also give a list of companies that have successfully established a space and/or place presence. An important value relating to an organization having space and place presence is to enable the company to compete fully with other companies that also conduct business. The company will be able to market new merchandise and services by promoting them to the worldwide market. It is crucial for an organization to do market research on the digital and physical locations of the business, and to analyze and familiarize with the implications of any marketing strategies that they adopt. In doing so, the company will more easily and effectively access and deal with a wide variety of customers, collaborates and markets (McGinley, 2003). Marketing implications In today’s world, consumers have a choice when it comes to purchasing products. They can travel physically to an organization and get the product, or they can purchase it from the comfort or their home through online shopping. While online shopping is more convenient to a majority of consumers, not all of them find it appealing. ...
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