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Essay example - Brand Identification Plays In Brand Loyalty and Brand Promotion

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This section aims to define the methods of achieving the research objectives and research approach that will be followed to solve the research problem. This section will also analyze some other topics such as proposed approach to Primary Research, Research Philosophies like…

Extract of sample

A positivistic approach aim is to enables the researcher collecting data in an objective manner (Aronowitz and Ausch, 2000) and to discard extraneous variables and to hence prevent the context from affecting the quality or the integrity of the collected data (Barker, 2005).
This research uses both primary data collection and secondary methods for testing the research hypothesis. The secondary research consists of a literature review that contains a critical analysis of the available literature and research on the customer brand identification, brand loyalty, brand promotion, customer satisfaction and retention. It also covers the theories on these variables and discusses any linkages between them.
The primary research is carried out among 159 mobile customers in UK with the help of a questionnaire. The data collected in the city of York. Respondents of questionnaire were selected randomly and the target samples were shoppers from all age ranges from 18 to 66 years or more. Both males and females, who come out of retail settings, were used. The strategy used was to approach every third person coming out of a shops (Tesco, Asda, M&S, any high street shop, etc) to ensure that we get a random representative sample whose mindset is similar (shopping). Before giving the questionnaire to the respondents, the researcher explained the research rationale and asked the respondents to complete it based on their favorite mobile brand. Respondents were mainly females (51.6 per cent) in the age group of 18-35 (70.9 per cent). Tables given below give more details about the respondent characteristics:
The research design consist of the sample size, data collection and sampling method, and analysis techniques. In this research we are using 112 items from previous studies to measure the relationship between the customers and their favorite brands, using seven 7-point scale items Scale of Escalas (1996). All questions will have multiple choices (Caproni ...
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