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Marketing Strategy: A Case Study of Gucci [Name of student] [Course code] [Instructor] [Date due] Marketing Strategy: A Case Study of Gucci Part A: Question one Gucci Fashion Company is experiencing drop in sales for some of its products which then CEO thinks can be mitigated and therefore proposes to the marketing manager the possible of using other strong brands in the chain to market the others.


Most brands products of Gucci group of companies suffered a drop in sales in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis except the two strong brands whose sales increased even in the most extreme of circumstances. Due to the circumstances involving the general drop in sales volume and the traditional beliefs and sales concepts, it is important that Gucci explores the best marketing model or mix to employ so as to revamp the market. One of the popular marketing strategy/model is the Ansoff Growth marketing mix. This describes the growth of a business in its attempt to market new or regular products in a new market or previously existing market. It therefore brings together growth in the market and growth or increase in brand of an organization. Ansoff can be achieved through various strategies such as market penetration, market development, product development and product diversification (Pickton & Broderick 2005). Market penetration involves the marketing of the products or the specific brand in existing market with an aim of increasing the market proportion for the product which can be achieved through the 7 P’s of marketing. ...
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