Lowe's: Category Potential among Female Shoopers

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Lowe’s category potential among the female shoppers Student’s Name: Grade course Tutor’s Name 5th December, 2011 Lowe’s Category Potential among the Female Shoppers This paper analyzes shopping behavior of both men and women. They have different behaviors while doing their shopping in terms of preferences and attitude.


This is to identify whether there should be distinct merchandizing strategy to be used on men and women. The study explains the criteria which should be used at Lowe’s to identify new suppliers. Question 1: Discuss the preferences of both men and women regarding shopping at Lowe’s as compared to Home Depot. Home Depot has been in the business long than Lowe’s, but Lowe’s has shot past home depot in terms of popularity. Lowe’s engages in a friendlier atmosphere for both men and women which is still something new to Home Depot. Lowe’s, unlike at Home depot, have massively invested in widening the aisles, increasing the lighting, adding appliances and most vital the staff keeps the stores clean which attracts both men and women to the store. Lowe’s also ensures that the stores always have stock which the customers want, and they are well organized. Lowe’s have staff who are trained and committed to serving their customers. The staffs at Home depot lack the technicality to handle customers and assist them in their areas of difficulty. The staffs at Lowe’s are friendlier than those at Home Depot. Lowe’s have a wide parking area which attracts men to the store because they consider area to park a problem at Home depot and, therefore, their preference to shop at Lowe’s. ...
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