Fisher & Paykel Market Audit and Competitive Analysis

Fisher & Paykel Market Audit and Competitive Analysis Essay example
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Fisher & Paykel Market Audit and Competitive Analysis Executive Summary The project deals with the manufacturing company Fisher & Paykel New Zealand which supplies its dishwasher and washing machine in Australia. This is because Australia has experienced a high demand for white goods product and it would be feasible for Fisher & Paykel to commence business where the demand for its product is high.


As concerned with the pricing strategy the company would follow competitive based pricing. The company has planned a corporate and strategic plan to reinforce actions and implement it for which it has set up a long term vision 2020. Fisher & Paykel would use the Data quality Objective to measure its environmental performance and track a record of the actions that needs to be done. Along with it the company would develop team membership to perform effectively. The company core interest is towards environment sustainability and thus focuses primarily on the behavioural audit of the management and tries to find out the practise that Fisher & Paykel has been performing with regards to the safety of the environment. The company would develop proactive as well as reactive strategy in terms of environment sustainability which would report to the management on quarterly basis and finally the report aims to provide recommendation to the company in terms of environment sustainability. ...
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