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MARKETING ANALYSIS Name Professor’s name Course Date Price and place are important aspects of marketing strategy that is instrumental for promotion of a product. Price is the consideration that is paid for a commodity or a service whereas place determines the availability of a commodity in areas where it is required (Burrow, 2008).


The North Face in the marketing of Men’s Steep Tech Apogee jacket has exploited these two marketing strategies. The North Face products wide spread and availability in most of the shop outlets has made them realize a substantial sale and realize favorable competition against their competitors. The different Apogee jackets designs are available in most of the cloth shop outlets in towns and US cities. The products have also been distributed to other continents like Asia and Europe to make their products be global. At the same time, customers have been motivated by the direct attention that they receive from the sales agent and representatives (Zucker, 2010). The queries of the customers and those who miss to get their desired products design can make a special request to the company and have their products delivered within the duration demanded. One of the customers attested that the sales representative gave him attention for about 20 minutes, something that was of more impact on the customer’s loyalty (Hondo, 2011). To ensure that the jackets are availed in overseas markets, the company has engaged in direct shipping of the jackets. ...
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