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The idea of opening a ‘Doggie Dip and Do’ as a retail outlet and full-service shelter for dogs is one of the finest plans adopted by you.It is one of the excellent opportunities for the animals especially dogs to spruce themselves


consciousness of customers. In order to enhance the alertness of the customers regarding the various amenities, it is apt to hire an external advertising agency for the promotion of the activities. It can improve the growth and market share of the business thereby enhancing revenue and position of ‘Doggie Dip and Do’. Recommendations There are many external advertising agencies but as ‘Doggie Dip and Do’ is a newly opened outlet, print advertising media might be more beneficial for it. This would include newspaper or magazines in order to promote the benefits. This is because if other media such as broadcasting media, outdoor advertising or public service advertising is used then it would be quite expensive for you at this initial stage. Hence, it might not be retained by you for longer terms which may again affect the growth prospects of the business as well as impede the brand image and awareness of the products among the competitors in the market. However, for this type of business, it is essential to retain the external advertising agencies as it would provide various innovative ideas and plans for the promotion of the products or services of Doggie Dip and Do. ...
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