Kei Wah Bakery (Hong Kong) Entrance in the UK Market

Kei Wah Bakery (Hong Kong) Entrance in the UK Market  Essay example
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Kei Wah bakery (Hong Kong) – Entrance in the UK market Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Literature Review 4 2.1 Entrance in a new market – theories 5 2.2 Brand and culture 6 3. Discussion – Market entry strategy 8 3.1 UK Market analysis – SWOT analysis 8 3.2 Entrance in the UK market 10 3.2.1 Aims 10 3.2.2 Position towards the competitors 10 3.2.3 Brand strategy – entry mode chosen 11 3.2.4 Pricing 12 3.2.5 Technology employed 12 3.2.6 Advertising 13 4.


Aligning the characteristics of a product/ services with the needs of a foreign market has been, traditionally, a challenging task, mostly because of the strong turbulences that characterize the international market. Indeed, products, which are quite successful in a specific market, may not be welcomed in another market, due to economic or cultural reasons (Keller, Aperia and Georgson 2008). In any case, branding is a key activity within the international market, securing the performance of firms, which face a strong competition, but also increasing the profitability of firms that are already well established in their market, as in the case of Kei Wah bakery, a well-known brand in the bakery industry of Hong Kong. On the other hand, culture can highly affect the performance of a product within a particular market. More specifically, products that are commonly consumed in the host country are more likely to be welcomed compared to products, which are in opposition with the local culture. In the last case, the entrance of these products in the host country is expected to face a strong resistance (Kumar 2009). ...
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