INternational Corporate Communications in KFC

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International Corporate Communications in KFC Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 International Communication Strategy 4 Engaging People within Organisation 5 Corporate Ethics in KFC 6 Corporate Reputation 7 Communication Framework 9 Communication Models 10 Communication Theories 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction In every organisation, communication is regarded as a continuous business activity.


Without effective communication, the business activities will become awkward and organisations will lose concentration on the operational goals. In the international corporate environment, majority of communication is external i.e. between organisation and customers, and without effective communication strategy, organisations will be unable to recognise market demand and ultimately lose effectiveness and market position (Smith & Et. Al., 1999). The paper describes the international communication strategies of KFC, which is a famous chain of fast food restaurants. The main focus of the paper is related to how KFC uses communication models, frameworks and theories in its business as well as how the company maintains its reputation and corporate ethics through proper communication media. The objective of the paper is to understand the importance and the aspects of communication in the international business environment and the way KFC has utilised those aspects in their business. International Communication Strategy International communication strategy is based on selecting the communication modes in a specific market. ...
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