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Executive Summary Changing preferences of consumers are forcing Canadian manufacturing firms to go for green supply chain practices in their B2B marketing. Though the need for implementing such standards in B2B marketing is clearly recognized however, still only those manufacturing firms which are engaged with the retail B2B marketing are better implementing such standards.


Being the member of G8 and OECD, Canadian economy is mostly a service based economy however, due to large natural resources; Canada is also an economy with established manufacturing base. Canadian firms working in electricity manufacturing have been slow in responding to the global changes and as a result of this also lost their share in global market. Such lack of quick responsiveness to the changing customer needs therefore have been taking its toll on firms as despite having enormous natural resources this sector is still lacking behind in terms of productivity and efficient production. (Negru 1990) Traditionally, Canada’s electronics manufacturing sector has relied heavily on exports from US however; it has now shifted to the developing countries.1 Firms like Nortel, RIM and other manufacturers have been successfully operating in the electronics manufacturing sector. However, due to global shifts in the overall dynamics of the sector, this industry in Canada is losing its ground despite the fact that it is 6% of the manufacturing GDP of Canada. Consumers are becoming aware of the overall impact of traditional sources of energy have on the environment and there is now growing concern for producing and procuring green electricity resources. ...
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