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Matrix Analysis Contents Matrix Analysis 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Boston Consultancy Group Matrix 3 The Ansoff Matrix 4 Reference 7 Introduction Jet2holiday is a part of Dart Group Plc, it operators in aviation and tour operator. Jet2holiday offers packaged tours at a less price because of the variety of elements involved in the overall package.


The company has launched a packaged holiday in Turkey in the city of Didyma. Therefore a complete analysis is done over the packaged holiday in Didyma. Boston Consultancy Group Matrix The BCG matrix is a tool used for examining the company’s portfolio of products and market share. This matrix is widely used in analysing the brand marketing, strategic management, product marketing and portfolio analysis (Stern & Deimler, 2006, p.36). Figure 1: BCG Matrix (Source: Stern & Deimler, 2006) The company Jet2holidays has been into the business since 2007 and since then it has acquired a reasonable market share in the packaged holiday market. It offers package tour in various destination across the globe. The company is focusing more on the growth of leisure sector of the airline market and the tour operator market. The company plans to expand its business, grow its Jet2holidays by choosing a wide range of attractive hotels, destinations etc (Dart Group Plc, n.d). Thus it can be concluded that Jet2holidays is a Star in the Boston Consultancy Group Matrix. This is because Star has a high market share and high growth rate. Jet2holidays, at present is in a growing stage with a huge opportunity to grow in the future. ...
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