Compare and Contrast United States and Japan's Domestic and International Market

 Compare and Contrast United States and Japan
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­­­­­­­­­­ ­Compare and Contrast United States and Japan’s International and Domestic Markets Student Name Course Date of Submission ­­­­­­­­­­­Compare and Contrast United States and Japan’s International and Domestic Markets This paper will present a comparison of United States and Japan’s international and domestic markets.


United States of America is the largest export partner of Japan, where as Japan is the third or forth largest trade partner of the United States depending on the criteria, if the member states of European Union, which are trade partners with the United States, are considered to be the members of one entity or more. The correlation between these two countries in their global as well domestic front has been discussed here under: DOMESTIC MARKETS: The domestic marketing policy of the United States focuses more on the businesses; it focuses on the sectors that every business covers, where as the domestic market policies of Japan focuses on the technology and innovation that can be utilized for the better product development through out the businesses. Japanese system of employment believes in sharing the benefits gained by the employees thus motivating them for better and innovative performance. Whereas, American system more likely focuses on fixed wage system and abrupt termination at will, incase of the conduct leading to a loss to the company, such approach proves to be very anti-innovative. In stable domestic markets American style will be beneficial both for the companies and the economies but when it comes to highly volatile and dynamic environment, the Japanese employment system should be preferred. ...
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