Online Store Popularity vs. Retail Outlets

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Name of the Student: Name of the Institution: Course: Course Instructor: Date: Online shopping Popularity vs. Retail outlets Introduction The purpose for carrying out this research is to determine internet marketing and sales over the internet popularity in today’s world.


How to target consumers buying over the internet and how to make online store fruitful? The chief objective of the research is to estimate and inspect the consequences and decide is it worthy of time and effort when opening an online store (Laura, 2011). Online shopping turned out to be widely held 10 years ago. 94 percent of Americans use PCs for individual purposes. Nearly two-thirds have "a great level of dependency”. Nearly 70 percent of Americans shop online and 88 percent of that number has shopped online to some degree in the previous six months. Profits for products bought online now average over and above $34 billion annually, up to 500 percent further from the year 1999. According to a website which gives people a lot of discount vouchers, “The highest percentage of both men (77 percent) and women (68 percent) shop online in the mornings before lunch. Top level professional males and females prefer to shop at night. Stay-at-home moms tend to shop in the mid-afternoon, perhaps during nap time” The research also states that twenty-nine percent of males and 30 percent of females said their picks are "recurrently" inclined by online ads while 43 percent say choices are "from time to time" swayed. For this research, the use of random sampling method will be employed, since every living person has an equal right of being carefully chosen. ...
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