Market Segmentation for the Coffee Market

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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Market Segmentation for the Coffee Market Introduction Market segmentation is a process of forming sub-set of a market that contains people or organizations with one or more similar characteristics that would influence them to demand same kinds of products and services on the ground product/service qualities and price.


The following diagram shows the income distribution (media per capita income in 2009) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. (Source: “Baton Rouge..”) As per the media per capita income distribution in Baton Rouge in 2009, the Whites have high inflow of income as compared to other groups. The chart indicates that the Hispanic is ranked just below Whites in case of media per capita income distribution. The 2010 census reflects that the Baton Rouge’s population comprises of 50.02% African American, 45.7% Whites, 2.62% Asian, 0.18% Native American, and 0.49% other races (Louisiana’s report…). The historical trend figures point that the percentage of Whites in the city’s population gradually increases over the last two decades. The White’s population growth together with improvements in living standards offers potential advantages for the coffee market. This type of market segmentation assists the coffee industry to easily identify the purchase power of consumers and to design cost-effective promotional tactics for different market segments. A number of surveys have indicated that as compared to blacks, whites like coffee more. ...
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