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Story Hotel in Stockholm- ----- SWOT analysis and competitive advantage

Its original and colorful website reflects what the hotel’s concept is. They encourage the customers to visit their online page to have a better look of great packages that the hotel offers. This is a very good strategy since their website has the information about what the client wants. This is an innovative concept that is highly advantageous. It is very visible on Google, which makes it available for exploration by new customers.
Story Hotel, however, has some weaknesses. First, its location, which is not centrally placed compared to other hotels such as the Omena hotel is a weak point. This location makes them lose business to its competitors since the hotels centrally located are able to get clients from the main offices. This might push away customers since most clients prefer a centrally located area, close to social amenities and affordable at the same time. The hotel lacks luxury facilities such as spa, space for conferences, and room service. Despite its good looking, cool, and creative website, Story Hotel website lacks the question and answer tab, which is useful to potential customers who are not quite familiar with the hotel.
However, Story Hotel has notable opportunities. They already have a positive brand attitude created to their customers. This could be made completely to their advantage by providing a spa, conference facilities, and a room service for their customers. This will give them a competitive edge above their competition. Rooms should be available on their online service that is already successful.
The threats to the success of the Story Hotel are the high competition for guests by their competition who offers lower prices. The food offered needs to be better always for them to maintain their high number of customers. The management needs to find another concept that will give them competitive advantage. This will make the price offered by Story Hotel a differentiation strategy since all the services will be first of ...
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It is a hub for business, entertainment, and nightlife. At lunch hours the bar and restaurant turns into a café and offers a wide variety of healthy food. This is popular among the professionals…
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