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Title Abstract The research was conducted on the effects of digital marketing on the buying behaviour of the consumers. The research reveals that in today’s fast-paced technological environment, the digital media is playing a pivotal role in influencing the young adults of UAE.


Thus digital media has made the buyer savvier. The research was conducted on young adults having a mobile and familiar with Internet. A total of 1000 subjects were approached in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. However, only 884 of them gave valid responses. The research was conducted using the questionnaire as a research tool. The findings reveal that the consumers consider the online shopping and digital media as a parallel medium and traditional shopping and marketing is not entirely replaced and the results indicate that it may not be replaced in the near future. Though online buying has its advantages yet consumers hesitate because of security issues, inability to interact with the product before purchase and delivery time. Recommendations like making credit card shopping more secure, incorporating online marketing and purchase an essential part of the UAE culture, more online exclusive discounts should be given and lastly he media firms should increase awareness of digital media and marketing. ...
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