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Discuss the success of UK supermarkets. Should supermarkets promote healthy eating? - Essay Example

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Discuss the success of UK supermarkets. Should supermarkets promote healthy eating?

Supermarkets are typically supplied by distribution centers of their parent companies in the areas largest city. Supermarkets sell products at a low price by decreasing their economic margin. In early days, retail products were fetched by an assistant and pass them to the customer for payment. This process proved to be tiresome, tedious, ineffective, and unsatisfying to customer needs. With these many advantages, this essay discusses the success of UK supermarkets, emphasizing on the fact that supermarkets should promote health feeding (Cheverton, 2004:34).
Currently, United Kingdom supermarkets have accomplished a milestone in growth and development. Many supermarkets have taken an interest in showcasing advances that have already been taken in growth and development. Some companies have digitalized supermarkets development in United Kingdom. The coverage ranges right from construction stage to a full operative supermarket (Henry, 2008:61). For instance, Sainsbury unveiled its website aimed at its St Johns development in Worcester. This site had detailed information about the supermarket project including, store details, new jobs opportunities offered at the supermarket, information about community benefits and coming live webcam.
Supermarkets are coming under more pressure in promoting healthy eating and providing customers with information of what is bad or what is good with about their products on their shelves. Some supermarkets are taking it further by providing their own diet program programs. Some others provide some healthy eating advice in their websites. Sainsbury’s categorically tackles what a healthy diet is. They give a definition that, when it comes to healthy eating, the important thing to remember is that there are no bad and good foods. A food substance here and there is just not going to harm anyone if ...
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Besides, they have a wide range of advantages when compared to normal shops. Majorly, they are organized in isles and have a wider selection than a traditional grocery…
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