A Marketing Plan for BW Leisure Trust

A Marketing Plan for BW Leisure Trust  Essay example
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A Marketing plan for BW Leisure Trust Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Business Mission 3 Marketing Objective 4 Marketing Strategy 5 Implication 5 Control 6 References 7 Introduction BW Leisure Trust is nothing but a registered charity that is established with the purpose of running the sports related assets that belong to a local council/authority located in UK.


Like any other commercial organization, BWLT also requires a proper marketing plan in order to become independent of tax payers’ money and to stay ahead of its rivals. A proper marketing plan that includes five major aspects such as ‘situational analysis’, ‘marketing objective’, ‘marketing strategy’, ‘implication’ and ‘control’ is presented in this paper. Each of these aspects is suitably analyzed in the context of BWLT in the following sections of this paper. Business Mission The principle mission of BWLT is operating the sporting assets in such a way that benefits the facility users and becoming a self-sufficient profit making organization within the next seven years. Situational Analysis Situational analysis is all about analyzing the internal as well as external environment of an organization. Strategic management tools like Porter’s five forces model and SWOT are useful for such analysis. Porter’s five forces i.e. buyers’ bargaining power, suppliers’ power, threat of substitutes, rivalry among competitors and threat of new comers can be analyzed in the context of BWLT (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009) In case of BWLT, users of the facilities have strong bargaining power as they can choose any other facilities according to their requirements. ...
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