Economic Impacts on Event Management

Economic Impacts on Event Management Literature review example
Literature review
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Economic Impacts on Event Management Table of Contents 1.0.Introduction 3 2.0.The Dimensions of Event Management 3 3.0.Conceptualising Event Management from an Economic Perspective 5 Conclusion 9 References 10 10 1.0. Introduction The increasing concentration on the profession of event management has drawn the attention of scholars towards various significant aspects among which the relationship between economic factors and events held in different regions can be considered as vital.


Damster & et. al. (2006: 11) observed, “Events can be described as transient, and every event is a unique blending of its duration, setting, management and people”. Events can be of various types on the basis of the invested amount as well as on the basis of its purpose. However, the management process in organising any event is almost similar taking into account a broad process of analysing, planning, directing, organising and controlling. It is in this context that market analysis and the economic trends are currently being considered as vital aspects to be considered while planning for event management (Getz, 2008; O'Toole, 2000). Although, the concern has been noticed very recently in the context of event management, the significance of economic impacts has gained considerable attention in the field of research. From a similar perspective, this paper will also intend to critical review a few literatures which are focused on the economic impacts observed during event management. 2.0. The Dimensions of Event Management Events have always been an inseparable part of the social culture of different countries. ...
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