Marketing in Action - Analysis of TalkTalk PLC and its Service Marketing

Marketing in Action - Analysis of TalkTalk PLC and its Service Marketing Literature review example
Literature review
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Talk Talk Plc and its Service Marketing Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.Introduction 4 2.Macro-Analysis - PERT 4 2.1 Political 4 2.2 Economic 5 2.3 Social 5 2.4 Technological 6 2.5 Legal 6 2.6 Environmental 7 3.Micro-Analysis: SWOT 7 3.1 Strengths 7 3.2 Weaknesses 7 3.3 Opportunities 8 3.4 Threats 9 4.


Introduction TalkTalk Plc is the UK’s third largest communications network operator and had been in business for the past 16 years. Formerly affiliated with the Carphone Warehouse (CPW), it has recently demerged and now operates independently. Together with the demerger comes the need to reassess its service marketing strategy. Initially criticized for its sacrifice of quality to pursue a low-price strategy (Iqbal, 2011), it has since then implemented a number of strategic reforms. As a result, for the year 2011, BT has been named the most improved with a jump of two points, while TalkTalk is “the only telecoms provider to show a significant decrease in satisfaction” (Institute for Customer Service, 2011). 2. Macro-Analysis - PERT 2.1 Political 2.1.1 Telecommunications firms are commonly affected by variations in political structures and party systems in the countries in which the telecommunications infrastructure is deployed (Henisz & Zelner, 2001). ...
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