Concept of McLuhan's definition of Hot media

Concept of McLuhan
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Topic: Argue for or against a concept of McLuhan’s definition of hot media using Beer/Gane and Harraway. Introduction The subject of this essay is a media concept, presented by McLuhan by defining what includes hot media and what does not include hot media.


McLuhan’s various comparative arguments over the importance of the medium rather than the content of the medium, quoting examples from various facets of life are analysed to prove that hot media has the power to change the past traditions and bring a revolutionary change in society. The article finally reaches on the conclusion that views of McLuhan on the concept of hot and cool mediums are still relevant and are respected widely in the present time of high definition digital technologies. Introduction of Concept Before considering and arguing in favour or against the concept of McLuhan’s definition of hot media, it is more relevant to know what a concept means. “Concepts are centres of vibrations, each in itself and everyone in relation to all others,” (Deleuze and Guattari, 1994:23). Concepts have got transformed in the wake of vast coverage of distinctly different theoretical writings on the digital age. It has proved one fact that concepts are elastic instruments that emerge from the solutions of the current problems. It is more applicable in the current context of huge changes occurring in social and cultural settings (Flew, 2007). Conceptual work can primarily be divided into three categories, as based on its usage. ...
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