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Marketing Introduction The region of Argentina promises to be a potential market for various types of food products like dairy products, vegetable proteins, cheese and starch products and other beverages. Export market for food products reached $25 billion in the 2009 period with the growth of supermarkets that shelves large amount imported food products.


In this regard the paper tends to evaluate the potential market for cheese and cheese products in Argentina produced by an Australian firm Nivedo. Political Factors in Argentina The political factors in Argentina have largely improved from the previous periods that have helped bring about a regulatory climate helping in the growth of imported food products market in the region. In fact it is found that the market for the imported products pertaining to dairy commodities like cheese has largely grown up in the region. The tariffs relating to import duty have largely been reduced to help in the expansion of the market for imported cheese products. It is held that in the coming years the region of Argentina would gradually turn out to be a growing market for milk products in comparison to the international market. The markets pertaining to the Latin American countries are held to become potential zones for the products derived from milk as consumption for such is found to have increased by around 15 percent within a span of six years ranging from 2000 to 2006. Thus the political climate of Argentina is held to encourage the rise of import for milk products (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002, p.95-96). ...
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