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Full name Professor Subject Date Into Marketing Business is now one of the professions that keeps nations going strong and with the rise of need and dependence among nations of the products each produce, quality service keeps businesses going. However, with the rise in demands, there is also increase in the services available.


I finished Bachelor of French Literature which inspired me a lot to study Marketing. I believe that the trade did not just affect the certain group of people I studied during my undergraduate studies but that every nation that has a history has a literature that tells about business and the likes. My Bachelor’s degree, I believe, has prepared me for this higher learning as I had a glimpse of how the world functions especially in the business world. As mentioned earlier, marketing now is not limited to just a few areas but has gone global and studying foreign literature has given me an edge in the study. Languages and communication are very important in every endeavor and they do affect the market a lot so that my former studies are very useful in this specialization I am aiming to take. The area of sociology which is also important in the study of marketing has been widely studied in my undergraduate years so that I am almost ready to take the leap for the business world. In addition, I am also mathematically inclined, a factor that is very important in the course and which every Marketing student must possess. ...
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