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Drivers of change and ways to sustain a competitive advantage UPS is one of the major players of the international post and logistics market. Since its inception in 1907 the company has passed a long way to developing a sustained image of success and profitability.


It goes without saying that drivers of organizational change vary across organizations and businesses. However, the main drivers of organizational change can be summarized as follows:
(1) information availability and distribution;
(2) the pace of technological advancement;
(3) the growing availability of technologies;
(4) increased business competition;
(5) rapid shifts in the global labor and product markets;
(6) changes in environmental responsibility and requirements; and
(7) changing customer expectations and demands (John, Cannon & Pouder 2001).
More often than not companies operating in the present day business environment pursue change to align their strategic goals with the emerging information capabilities and, consequentially, use them to meet the rising consumer demands. As the number of companies in the logistics industry increases, the ability to satisfy customer satisfaction in the most cost-effective manner becomes the main source of companies’ competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the number of challenges faced by companies in the global market does not decrease. “Integrating activities both within and beyond organizational boundaries has become a major challenge at century’s end and will likely continue for the foreseeable future” (John, Cannon & Pouder 2001, p.145). ...
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