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Marketing Planning Vision/Mission Statement for Innocent The mission statement for Innocent is to “make natural, delicious food and drink that helps people live well and die old” (Innocent 2011, p1). In other words, the mission is to create an environment in which the individuals can do to themselves some good, and at the same time make the food, and drink taste nice.


Innocent SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Innocent is the leading smoothie brand in the United Kingdom. The company currently owns 77.5 percent of the smoothie market. Innocent’s premium retails prices are relatively high and this indicates there will be a market segment reluctant to buy their products in favor Innocent’s competitor. Increase in the market share. Innocent operates in a market characterized by continuous growth. The consumers are developing a trend in which they are cautious of the consequences of processed goods. This is a big opportunity for Innocent to take control of the market. The consumer tastes are changing. This is because most of the product variety/range is becoming repetitive. Innocent produces quality products. Each smoothie is prepared from natural fruits supplied by regulated suppliers. This makes sure that the products produced are of premium quality. The company has a low customer base. The consumer base is relatively small and largely confined in the United Kingdom (HomeInsights 2010, p1). The global market is expanding due to the growth of the emerging markets. Innocent’s success has been largely attributed to language. Cultural differences may create an obstacle to success when the company seeks to expand to other continents. ...
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