Retail Marketing (John Lewis Company in the UK)

Retail Marketing (John Lewis Company in the UK) Essay example
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Marketing 1 Retial Marketing (John Lewis Company in the UK) Topic: Retail marketing (John Lewis Company in the UK) Reason for Choosing the industry and retail organization; Retail industry is the subdivision of economy which comprises of trade of finished goods to the end user.


The retail organization selected for this project is “john Lewis company”, which holds a significant position in the retail industry of UK. John Lewis Company: The beginning of John Lewis Company took with the establishment a shop in London Oxford Street in 1864. At present, the successful voyage of the brand has won the place of largest departmental Store of UK with the mass of 35 shops. The company possesses a unique strategy to invoke enthusiasm in the work force by offering partnership to the employees to cultivate ownership in their attitude. The culture and spirit of the business is embedded in this very strategy that steer business operation with a common shared vision. In particular, the business strategy revolves around the establishment and strengthening of three elements that includes partners, customers and profit. Impact of Macro Environment in retailing; As mentioned above, macro environment plays a vital role in retail industry. Hence, a rational evaluation of the relevant factors to turn and cultivate positive opportunities is essential part of operations management. The force that renders considerable impact on the business can be categorized and elaborated with PESTEL analysis. ...
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