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Question 1: Stages of Customer Buying Behavior There are mainly six stages of customer buying process which a customer faces throughout his/her buying process. The major revenue source of Facebook is the Banner Ads that are used by the companies to advertise their products.


What platform should be used by them in order to market their products and services more effectively covering huge masses all around the globe? The companies also aim to find such marketing tools which are personal and closer to their customers’ needs and preferences. Information Search This step involves the searching phase in order to obtain the latest information regarding the most effective personal marketing tool. Different tools are used by the companies to advertise themselves. TV and commercial ads are considered as one way marketing in which the customer’s feedback cannot be obtained. In this way, the current trend of bidirectional marketing is on its move such that most of the companies are using social networking sites for this purpose. These companies not only post their marketing messages through the banner ads but also create their communities to interact with their customers, and other fans of their products. Evaluation of Alternatives After the gathering of information regarding the social network sites, the next step is to evaluate these sites as to which site fulfill the advertising requirement of those companies. Social networking sites including Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc are the most popular sites which are mostly used by the companies to advertise themselves. ...
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