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Essay example - Analysis on the Global Strategy of Volkswagen

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Analysis on the Global Strategy of Volkswagen Introduction The journey of small cars began in the late 1930 where Dr. Ferdinand Porsche challenged the development of cars for the German people. This idea was postponed due to the involvement of other projects and designs on the cars’ prototypes…

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The cars underwent testing by the automakers and the Nazi troops. In 1938, they set up a plant in Wolfsburg to continue its massive production for the German people. However, the Second World War changed the car production of Volkswagen into a military vehicle. Volkswagen was named as Wolfsburg Motor Works while British desired to eliminate the beetle name. Despite their effort, Volkswagen remained in the history. The cars were produced to serve the countries involved in the war, which destroyed the future of Volkswagen (Gunnel 6-7). The future of Volkswagen became certain due to Heinrich “Heinz” Nordhoof as the general manager. Massive production of the beetle was distributed throughout France, Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands. In 1949, British government returned the ownership of Volkswagen to Germany. The Volkswagen continued to produce car for commercial and luxury. It has achieved its goal to excel the “legendary mark” attained by the Ford Motor Company’s Model T. Moreover, the first design was altered to large car production. The popularity of Volkswagen increased with the introduction of the Golf GTI (“Brief Journey”). With its commitment to innovation, the Volkswagen continued to evolve in matching the preference of its customers. The main thrust of this paper is to analyze the global strategy of Volkswagen as the global leader in the automotive industry. ...
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