CCA-Market for Prisoners

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Corrections Corporation of America Company Analysis Name Institution Contents INTRODUCTION 4 Situation Synopsis 4 Problem Statement 4 Ethical Factors 5 Company’s Current Strategy 5 ANALYSIS 5 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 5 Industry Structure & Trends 6 Industry Economics 6 Key Success Factors 7 Competitive Situation Analysis 8 Competitive Forces 8 Competitive Approach & Strengths of Key Competitors 9 Industry Wide Ethical Factors 9 INTERNAL ANALYSIS 10 Financial Analysis 10 Operations Analysis 11 Marketing and Competitive Position 11 EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES 11 Recommendation 13 Reference 15 Appendix 1 16 Appendix 2 17 Utilitarianism Alternative 17 Libertarianism Alternative 17 Kant Alternative 17 R


According to the authors, the company has been recording a decline in profits for the past few years. This is because of the current policies adopted by the state and federal government of reducing operation costs and incarceration rates in the country. As a result, the private prison industry business is drying up, with the major impact on the leaders like CCA. Situation Synopsis The current pressure on states to reduce and control overcrowding in prisons, largely due to the economic considerations, is jeopardizing the efficiency of the correctional function of the nation, as well as the contracts for CCA and other private prison companies. Problem Statement The policies affecting the population of criminals in prisons (and thus business of private prison companies) raise questions of an ethical nature. ...
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