Determining the Distribution Channels

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Determining the Distribution Channels Students Name: Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission Abstract This paper deals with the determination of various distribution channels for a household item ‘Gain Laundry Detergent’ that is the new product of the company.


A system can be designed by the company to ensure effective distribution. After analyzing the targeted market’s needs and expectations, and not to forget the company’s targets, the best suited distribution channel will be determined for the company. Distribution Channels It’s the product’s route to the market that controls the sales of that product. The weaker the routes are the lower is the sales. These routes can also be called the distribution channels. The various distribution channels include wholesalers, distributors, dealers, brokers, aggregators and retailers (Dent, 2008). Among the basic aspects that determine the desired distribution channels, so that the organization can achieve its targeted sales, are the nature and type of the product, the cost effectiveness against the expected sales of that product and the last but not the least consumer satisfaction. They determine the targeted market and the distribution channel that will be suited for that product and its maximum sales. Thus it can be seen that having the right distribution channel is very vital. For example, for a higher quality product it is implied that the product will be carrying higher retail prices too, thus the targeted market is the higher part of the society. ...
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