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International Marketing [Student name] [Course title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Introduction This essay paper focuses on international marketing opportunities and expansion options that can be availed by organizations to broaden the scope of their business and increase business’s profitability.


Customs, believes, values, norms and traditions are all the ingredients of a culture which gives an identity to an individual in this global village. In addition to these cultural variations, the diversified market environment which entails a completely different industry and consumer market scenario at every geographical location ion in the world (Majaro 1977). Researchers have developed several theories to explain the strategies about culture, market environment and marketing and a few of those strategies spots light on international marketing. If a company wants to increase the number of shares in global market than they should classify their products in different markets and provide the consumer in accordance to the needs in host markets (Stanton 1987). It is Luxottica’s decision that whether to enter the global market or to keep the business in a few already existing markets. Then the company has to decide whether they will reach for all the markets with single marketing mix or provide different segments in accordance to the needs of the consumers. ...
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