E-Marketing Case Study

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E-MARKETING By: Professor: University: City: Date: 1. a) There various key stakeholders of HP. These stakeholders include the HP customers who have been identified in the case study by Chakraborty and Govind (2008, p. 1) as the young and old, consumers and professional who the Executive Vice President, Personals Systems Group, HP refers to.


1). It is only when an organization considers a group as a key stakeholder that they can invest on a campaign targeting them. The other groups that seen as key stakeholders of HP are CIOs and IT executives who were targeted in the 2004 campaign, ‘change+ hp’. Celebrities and media houses are the other group identified as key stakeholders for HP as they were used to advance ‘The Personal Again Campaign’ while MTV collaborated with HP to develop the reality show ‘Meet or Delete’. According to Chakraborty and Govind (2008, p.5) HP decided to target some of its stakeholders in The Computer is Personal Campaign. These stakeholders include celebrities where as observed by Chakraborty and Govind (2008, p.5) the commercials featured Jay-Z and Shaun White. HP also targeted to harness the capability of media houses to reach out to its customers. Furthermore, the Campaign targeted different consumers but within the age bracket of 15 to 34 and middle sized businesses. b) Charlesworth (2009, p.49) explains internet marketing otherwise known as e-marketing is the process of promoting services and products over the internet. HP opted to use internet marketing given the obvious reasons that this marketing can reach to greater number of customers and is personalized. ...
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