Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan

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Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan Name Instructor Task Date Strategic Recommendations for MGM Resorts International For the continuity of the organization, MGM Resorts International should focus on long-term strategies that will eventually facilitate the growth of the business.


First, a close focus of tourism demand should be employed on the basis of the markets intended for visitors for the destination. In this case, market trends, travel patterns and tourist arrivals should be analyzed thoroughly, as it will help in internalization of the competition that exists in other destinations having the same attractions. Secondly, focusing of tourism supply should be initiated with regard to facilities, accommodation and attractions. The experience of visitors should be considered through the analysis of human resources, infrastructure and transportation. When assessing new developments in remote areas, a critical factor will be a selection of the site, for erection of commercial buildings and the proposed hotels. However, in the assessment of complex structures in areas where integrated resorts will be in question, a number of factors will have to be considered. In such a case, MGM Resorts International will have to consider addressing a number of issues. First, the link between tourist attraction and the site should be addressed and secondly, access to sufficient housing and local work force. Thirdly, the perception of the resident population towards development should be looked at as well as the access to utilities infrastructure and transport systems. Similarly, availability of regional attractions and tourism gateways should be explored. ...
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