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Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan - Essay Example


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Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan

First, a close focus of tourism demand should be employed on the basis of the markets intended for visitors for the destination. In this case, market trends, travel patterns and tourist arrivals should be analyzed thoroughly, as it will help in internalization of the competition that exists in other destinations having the same attractions. Secondly, focusing of tourism supply should be initiated with regard to facilities, accommodation and attractions. The experience of visitors should be considered through the analysis of human resources, infrastructure and transportation. When assessing new developments in remote areas, a critical factor will be a selection of the site, for erection of commercial buildings and the proposed hotels. However, in the assessment of complex structures in areas where integrated resorts will be in question, a number of factors will have to be considered. In such a case, MGM Resorts International will have to consider addressing a number of issues. First, the link between tourist attraction and the site should be addressed and secondly, access to sufficient housing and local work force. Thirdly, the perception of the resident population towards development should be looked at as well as the access to utilities infrastructure and transport systems. Similarly, availability of regional attractions and tourism gateways should be explored. Hand in hand, ready availability of ample land for development should be looked at. Lastly, the attraction of the physical environment

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and the nature of climate should be given some attention. Similarly, the capacity of services and products of the resorts should be adequate and up to date. The management team of MGM Resorts International should employ the present technology, in the process of providing its services and products on a daily basis. The skills and technical knowledge of the company’s service and sales staff should be acceptable, and the variety and quality of the company's services and products marketed in the tourism industry should be exclusive. This strategy will focus on improving the technology of the company’s services and products, while meeting the needs of customers in the market. Thirdly, the company should focus on tourism impacts with regard to social and cultural developmental impacts. In this case, sustainability in the industry should be entailed with regard to waste disposal, natural scenery, water quality and use of land. The current world is advocating for environmental protection 'therefore' MGM Resorts International should consider the protection of the natural environment as a tourism impact strategy, and overuse of natural resources should be minimized to manageable levels. Lastly, financial and economic strategies should be laid out with regard to the benefits for the local economy, including the creation of employment and spending. The management, monitoring and utilization of resources for the company’s advancement, should be defined by this strategy. For instance, MGM Resorts International should engage in the recruitment of healthy professionals, who have experiences and potentials of higher levels, besides providing employees with a suitable environment in the workplace. Other than that, the company should how the company’s accesses capital and controls over inventory and purchases, with regard to tourism activities. More so, the management of credit and cash, management of finance and budgets, the


Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan Name Instructor Task Date Strategic Recommendations for MGM Resorts International For the continuity of the organization, MGM Resorts International should focus on long-term strategies that will eventually facilitate the growth of the business…
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Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan essay example
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