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Organisation and Behaviour Contents Contents 2 Organisation and Behaviour-Assignment No.1, Part 1 4 Answer 1 4 Answer 2 8 Answer 3 8 Organisation and Behaviour-Assignment No.1, Part 2 9 Answer 1 9 Organisation and Behaviour-Assignment No. 1, Part 3 10 Case Study 10 Answer 1 10 Answer 2 11 Answer 3 11 Answer 4 11 Answer 5 11 Answer 6 12 References 13 Organisation and Behaviour-Assignment No.1, Part 1 Answer 1 Diagram of Structure Type of Structure and Description Type of Business that Uses this Structure (Source: Nicholas 325) This flat organisation structure helps in spreading of informal communication in an organisation and also generates adequate flexibility.


Functional denotes the hierarchy of functions while project denotes the incorporation of complexity unto such. Companies working on areas like project management or specialised areas work based on such organisational structures (Johnson, Scholes, and Whittington 402-403). (NordNet 349) Functional organisation structure helps in the development of different functional teams within the organisation. Knowledge and skill of the different functional groups is enhanced owing to such specialised organisation structure. This type of an organisation structure best works in case of knowledge based organisations or for concerns conducting specialised services (NordNet 349). (NordNet 353) The divisional organisation structure works based on the decentralisation functions where the entire organisational task is allocated among people pertaining to different departments. Consumer relationship activities are enhanced through such organisational structure and it also helps in enhancing the coordination of people belonging to different teams. ...
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