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Research in Motion: A Case Study Name 1/30/2012 Case Study on Research in Motion Introduction Research in Motion (RIM) came into existence in 1984 with a focus on developing hardware and software for wireless data communication. Soon, the company established its stronghold in producing wireless two-way smart data communication devices.


Problem Definition With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in the mobile industry, it was expected that market for BlackBerry would be hit severely. Common perception was that market for mobile phones was already over-congested and any new entry could have debilitating effect on Research in Motion (RIM). Jim Balsillie, the co-CEO of RIM, also felt the emerging challenge to RIM from the new technology convergence and started planning a strategy to position his company for capturing maximum market coverage (Carayannopoulos, 2012). Jim Balsillie considered iPhone as “one more entrant into an already very busy space.” RIM’s enterprise market was the target of competitors. Balsillie wanted to pursue a strategy the like of water rafting, with the purpose of attaining, “every last dollar [he could] possibly get” in revenue but also safeguarding his ship from the “rocks” lying in the way and place the company securely (Carayannopoulos, 2012, p. 1). According to Donnelly (2011) RIM’s stay in the market could be doubtful with the arrival of other strong entrants in the marketplace. Consumers have Apple’s iPad and the latest release iPad2. Another competitor, Cisco, is also fully prepared with its integrated release of Cius tablet, offering tough competition to RIM. ...
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