The Change in Consumer Behaviour among Teenagers in the US

The Change in Consumer Behaviour among Teenagers in the US Article example
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Teens Want Phones, Not Cars Forbes - Anonymous (writer at Forbes) – November 24, 2011 The article discusses the change in consumer behavior among teenagers in the United States.


Only 15% of baby boomers choose mobile internet access over owning their own car. In the past teenagers were highly depend on automobile access to be able to socialize with other teens. The internet has changed the world forever. The internet sector that has had the deepest profound effect on the social behavior of teenagers is social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world with over 800 million users (Facebook). “For teenagers who want to stay connected to their friends, social networks provide an ideal platform for communication” (Forbes). Teenagers take advantage of social websites to stay connected with their friends in any location they travel. The author mentioned that teenagers prefer to ride in a car without driving because they can use that time to connect to social websites and communicate with friends. On many instances driving is visualized by teenagers as an unnecessary hassle. Smartphones have become a lifestyle product that teenagers cannot live without. Smartphones provide teenagers with a social reach that cannot be topped by a car since cars take a long time to reach a specific distance. The internet capabilities of a smartphone allow a teenager to reach a person 10,000 miles away in a matter of seconds. ...
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