Market Communication - Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Market Communication - Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Essay example
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Name Surname Professor Name Subject 25 January 2012 Marketing Communication- Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Introduction: Organizations have been determining different marketing measures in order to market their products or services. The manner in which the products or services are communicated to customers have modified over the years.


The marketing communication includes communication activities like selling, advertising, promotion of products, direct marketing, publicity, sponsorship, exhibition, packaging, merchandising, e-marketing, and similar other measures that can influence the selling of the product or the service to the ultimate consumers as well as retain the customers (Smith & Taylor, 4). In this regard, a communication process involves certain steps in order to prepare the plan communicating the product or service. The current study considers the product, fruit drink, and tries to focus on the preparation of an integrated marketing communications plan using the different steps of the process. The IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Planning Process and Its Application on the Product, Fruit Drink: The integrated marketing communication plan consists of six steps that would be discussed considering the product, fruit drink and its marketing. These steps are essential as they create a connection between the buyer and the seller stressing on a long term relationship between them. Step 1: Identification of Target Customers: It can be understood that every product might not be required by every individual. This implies that every product has a particular segment of customers. ...
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