Social Marketing: Campaign Analysis

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Social Marketing: Campaign Analysis Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Social Marketing incorporates the transfer of information from higher authorities down to the common individual to warn and inform against the vices that the society normally presents to its members.


Its use has been applied on main health issues and campaigns against domestic violence. This paper seeks to talk on two advertising campaigns and application of the Social Marketing strategy in their implementation. Violence against women- Australia says no Message This campaign seeks to eradicate the injustice that women face from the powerful entities that normally affects their participation in society. There is violence subjected against women at the home front and various sexual harassment attributed that limit their maximum participation. The need to free them from this demeaning act has been upheld by the Australian society through offering forums and means of expression where they can freely air their grievances (Philip, 2010). Channels to report forms of abuse have also been constructed with phone calls reporting the several cases heightening. The media in Australia are used to communicate to women and men about the importance of limiting acts that degrade women’s value. Target Audience This is the people that the message is created to influence. The result is always meant to give positive feedback that would eradicate the desired vice. The target of this campaign involves women who are subjected to the domestic violence and men, the perpetrators. ...
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