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Online Education Market Research

The researcher has formulated research questions and objectives that will be achieved through primary and secondary data analysis. The research methodology is based on antipositivist research philosophy, inductive research approach and primary and secondary data analysis that assist each other in a great manner. Questionnaires will be designed to seek views and opinions of respondents on the research topic along with in-depth interviews based on snow ball sampling to understand and analyze the beliefs and opinions of respondents on online courses and overall usefulness and feasibility.
At the same time, few hypotheses have been formulated that will be tested against the views and opinions of respondents in a critical manner. Based on the overall analysis, certain recommendations and conclusions will be formed that will help in understanding whether the proposed aim and objectives of the research have been achieved or not. Overall, the research has been designed in a logical and descriptive manner that will help in understanding the impact and influence of online courses in a significant manner.
Life often offers a number of opportunities that are often accepted or rejected on the basis of priorities. Education can be considered as one of the most important priorities that is affected by lack of time and few other priorities like jobs, family look out and lack of sources and resources. In this regard, online courses have emerged as a savior for a number of students willing to learn along with adding value to their life in a desired manner ...
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The research aims at highlighting the role of online courses in changing the conventional trend of education system along with adding value to the education system. For this purpose, the research has been designed in a logical manner covering different points.

Author : tyreekarmstrong

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