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Executive Leadership and Personal Growth This paper shall talk about my personal strengths and weaknesses which I have disclosed during my program along with the ability to apply knowledge and skills to the specific program. The program was enunciated to make me apply my knowledge and skill set towards a particular task which was the part of the program.


I had the task of surveying a group of people about their needs of soap and convincing them to buy the soap of my choice. The task required me to market the product which I had at that time. So I was given the opportunity to state the price which, I thought, would be fine, but at the same time I had to sell an exact number of soaps so that the task would be completed with the required goals. I learned the art of communication and applied it when I started marketing and selling my product. However, I soon realised that the way I was marketing the product was in sync with the needs and wants of the people. The most important lesson in marketing is to sell what people don’t know. The late great Steve Jobs was once asked the question whether his company undertakes market research in order to find out what the needs of the people are, and the great man responded in his characteristic fashion that people don’t know what they want and, therefore, it is the job of the companies and the entrepreneurs to give them something what they have never thought about but would still appreciate and fit it in their daily life and their needs. I learned about my weaknesses while I was enrolled in the program. Every man thinks that, when he takes a task to perform, he will do it in the best possible way. ...
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